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After years of experience in Theatre we have now started exploring the film realm and medium as well.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Bharti Sharma (N.S.D Alumna) and her expertise in this medium, students now also become a part of a film project as well.

This wing is dedicated to teach students about camera acting, direction, script or screenplay writing, blocking, camera handling etc.


We encourage students to write, direct, block, assist their own projects which are developed in the classes and the workshops; and then shoot it as well. 


An officer after an exhausting mission is send away for a while as he faces traumatic symptoms. On the retreat he is again faced with a situation, he comes across a murder that takes place in the neighbourhood. As he trys to solve the mystery things turns out to be completely strange. 



A horror short, soon hitting festivals.

Check out the trailer !!

0266811F-9CE8-450D-8726-38E37AE9F2CB (1).JPEG

A Piece of a Peace

A Thriller short!!, what happens when obsession takes away the peace.

Trailer out on Youtube.



A student project Unhaar... is based on a Hungarian story written by Géza Gárdonyi and translated by Raghubir Sahay. It was adapted and directed by Bharti Sharma.


Preface (Prem Kabootar)

This project was shot during the lockdown period (Covid 19). Shot using only our phones and by actors living in different parts of the city and the country. Later the videos were collected and edited.

The project is based on Manav Kaul's preface from his book Prem Kabootar.


Ghutan ke 15 minute

This project is a student production based on a short story written by Hari Shankar Parsai. 


-Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Cinema is universal, beyond flags and borders and passports. 

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