What We Do ?

Bharti Productions is a company involved in the business of Video Film Making  

Ever since it's establishment in 1990, it has produced all kinds of Programmes on video like films, serials, documentaries, educational films for various organizations.

Some of it's major achievements are:

1. Production of a 2hr 30min film named "KAALA HEERA" for ZEE Network which was telecast on ZEE T.V on 27th January, 2001 at 8:00Pm, under the Saturday Special Time Slot.

The film was based on Chasnala Coal Mine Disaster and in the lead roles we had Govind Namdev,Pawan Malhotra, Rajendra Gupta, Shrivallabh Vyas, Vineed  Kumar, Tushar Dalvi, & Natasha.

The film was directed by Paresh Kamdar of Tunnoo Ki Teena fame, the screen play and dialogues were written by Bharti Sharma. The Cinematographer was Vivek Shah and the set was designed by Ajit Dandekar.

The Screen Play of the Film KAALA HEERA was sent as ZEE TV's official entry for the best screen play award, to the Asian T.V. & Film Awards 2001.

2. Production of 13 episodes comedy serial named "GADBAD GHOTALA" for Doordarshan's DD1 channel which got telecast in the year 1995. The serial was a satire on modern life of metropolitan cities where not even houses or furnitures are becoming standardized but human relations, families are also becoming standardized.

3. Company has produced several documentaries in the past 10 years for various corporate companies. It has also been producing documentaries for Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for the last five years.

Some of the documentaries which got telecast on DD1 were : 

"Coppersmiths of Almora"
"Traditional Art Forms of Kumaon"
"Traditional Art Forms of Garhwal"
"Garhwal Ka Mukhauta Nritya"

4. Company had been producing Educational Films for many years for Deepaliya Plan Project (a social organization) for educating children living in the Slums. 

5. Company has done the Post Production work of two American Films produced by CBN International and dubbed in Afghani languages Dari & Pashto for Afghan Television mediated by Centre of Excellence, India, titled "PROMISES KEPT" & "LOVE"

Bharti Productions is empaneled with Doordharshan's DDI Kashir Channel.



The Team

Ms. Bharti Sharma              -             N.S.D. Graduate (1987), M.A. Hindi, Delhi
                                                           University, Theatre and T.V. Actor/Director, 
                                                           T.V. Programme Producer  
Mr. Bipin Kumar                  -             N.S.D. Graduate (1987), B.A., Ranchi
                                                           University, Theatre and T.V. Actor/Director,
                                                           T.V. Programme Producer


Project 1


2 and 1/2 hour film film made for Zee T.V. for
there Saturday Special time slot based on 
Chasnala Coal Mine disaster happened in 
Bihar, India

Project 2


PANDIT JAGANNATH (click for details) 

Written in Marathi by Late Vidhyadhar Gokhle
Translated by Sudhir Kulkarni 
Designed & directed by Bharti Sharma

The Play is about truth, about love, about the supreme religion called Humanity.

Project 3

MASTERPIECE (In Hindi) - click for details 

Written, designed and directed by MOHIT TRIPATHI
This is the story about passion, creativity, romance,
jealousy, madness and revenge.


Project 4

SIDDHARTHA........PATHIK US RAAH KA (click for details) 

Designed and directed by BIPIN KUMAR

Play is about Gautam Buddha's life and his

Project 5

Written by Renu Kumari

Designed & Directed by Bharti Sharma
Performed in the Mohan Rakesh Samman Samaroh organized by SKP, Delhi
Play is about the exploited slum dwellers of Mumbai


Project 6

MAIN HOON NA.....(In Time & Space) 

Based on a novel written by Pramathnath Bishi

Dramatized, designed and directed by BHARTI SHARMA

It is an experimental play which is an effort to trigger introspection, to trigger search and to take a journey - an inward journey to search the "Self" and the "Supreme".

Project 7

Based on a novel by - Acharya Chatursen 
Dramatized, Designed & Directed By - Bharti Sharma (N.S.D. Graduate)

Style - Realistic
Duration - One Hours Forty Five Minutes
(Adjudged as one of the Best Plays Of The Year 2002 by Delhi Govt.'s Sahitya Kala Parishad)

Project 8

YAYATI (Play in Hindi) 
Written by - Girish Karnad 
Designed & Directed by - Bipin Kumar (N.S.D. Graduate) 
Style - Stylised
Duration - Two hours
(Adjudged as one of the Best Plays Of The Year 2001 by Delhi Govt.'s Sahitya Kala Parishad)